“Each and every one of us has been, or knows someone impacted by the opioid and heroin epidemic. Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen has supported my ongoing efforts to increase awareness, encourage advocacy and support families in the fight. After losing my only child to substance use disorder I reached out to Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen in planning an event for International Overdose Awareness Day at the Common Grounds in Sayville.

As a mother of three children Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen supported my efforts to honor those we have lost and celebrate those in recovery. I turned my tragedy into something positive in creating a community awareness group Maxed Out Drug Prevention. On a personal level she felt my compassion to bring increased awareness to all families who have been impacted by this epidemic.

Without hesitation Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen helped me plan and execute a community event for International Overdose Awareness Day. Due to her many efforts in assisting me with resources, letter writing, phone calls and promotions the commemoration of International Overdose Awareness Day at The Common Grounds in Sayville was a success. Our families, neighbors and friends have gained insight to an important mission she supports.

Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen is a crucial elected official who will rise above critical issues so many of our families are afraid to speak about. Her support on this issue continues to ensure her dedication to increase awareness and create change for all to speak freely without shame or stigma. In loving memory of a child of mine I am for ever grateful for the support received by Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen. “

President Maxed Out Drug Prevention – Non-for-profit organization

Dorothy Johnson

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